Middle Creek Quarries Extension Approved

17 April 2018

RWC would like to congratulate Oberon Earthmoving Pty Ltd on receiving development consent for an extension to their Middle Creek Quarries operation from the JRPP at a public meeting on 21 March 2018. The approval permits extended extraction operations and waste management activities at the site to the west of Oberon.

The proposed extension of the extraction area (from 2ha to 15ha) increases the available resource by approximately 2.5 million tonnes and secures the future of this supplier of road building gravels and construction materials to local and regional markets.

The proposed waste management activities include importation of select materials as permitted by the NSW Environment Protection Authority for:

  • rehabilitation of the Quarry Site;
  • future sale of unprocessed materials;
  • composting and sale of suitable materials; or
  • blending with extracted gravels to produce specialty products.

In conjunction with RWC, the Proponent has worked extensively to ensure that the operation addresses and manages the concerns raised by the community with respect to visibility, traffic, noise and air emissions and looks forward to assisting in the preparation of management plans to ensure impacts of the operation are minimised.

Further information regarding the Middle Creek Quarries development and assessment by Council and the JRPP is available on the website of the JRPP.