Modification 2 Approved for Hanson’s Bass Point Quarry

24 January 2019

RW Corkery & Co. (RWC) is delighted to have assisted Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd to modify its approval for the Bass Point Quarry.

The modification will allow better transportation management in an environment impacted by traffic congestion on all main transport routes towards Sydney by permitting additional trucks to depart the Quarry during the morning shoulder period.

The assessment required robust consideration of traffic noise generation on the dedicated haul road.

Bass Point Quarry operators, Hanson, face unique challenges as the suburb of Shell Cove has built up around the more than 100-year-old Quarry since the mid 1980’s. The residents are acutely aware of the Quarry operations and engage with Hanson through a Community Consultative Committee (CCC).

Hanson and RWC were able to demonstrate that the additional activities would bring improved transport management, would not lead to a significant change to traffic noise levels and that the modified operations would be unlikely to be perceived by local residents.