Environmental Impact Statement for the Dubbo Zirconia Project now on Exhibition

19 September 2013

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed Dubbo Zirconia Project (DZP) was placed on public exhibition on18 September 2013.  The DZP would incorporate a small scale open cut mine to supply ore containing rare metals and rare earth elements to a processing plant near the village of Toongi, approximately 25km south of Dubbo.  The EIS in full, or a detailed summary of the proposed activities, environmental controls and safeguards, and assessment of residual impacts, can be viewed here.

Preparation of the EIS commenced in January 2012 and involved team of 13 environmental consultancies to produce a detailed and comprehensive EIS, resulting in a ‘turn around’ of less than 12 weeks from initial submission of the EIS for assessment of adequacy by the Department of Planning & Infrastructure and other government agencies to public exhibition.

If approved, the DZP will result in the production of a variety of products increasingly critical in the production of compounds used for a variety of green technology applications, will provide create employment for a construction workforce of approximately 400 (over 12 months) and in excess of 250 people in full time positions for at least 20 years and inject at least $50M into the local economy and $115M into the NSW and federal economies each year through wages, purchase of goods and services, royalties and taxes.  

Dubbo Zirconia Plant (DZP) Demonstration Pilot Plant at ANSTO Minerals, Lucas Heights