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Rocky Hill Coal Project - Project Profile

Client: Gloucester Resources Ltd
Industry: Coal Mining
Status: Other
Local Government Area: Gloucester

Gloucester Resources Limited proposes to develop and operate a small scale open cut coal mine between 3.5km and 7km southeast of the Gloucester urban area.

Gloucester Resources Limited amended the Project as a result of an agreement with Yancoal Australia Limited that will see sized Run-of-Mine (ROM) coal from the Rocky Hill Coal Mine processed at the existing facilities operated at the nearby Stratford Mining Complex and the despatch of high quality coking coal directly from that mine, reducing the local environmental impacts associated with duplicating this process.

The amended Rocky Hill Coal Project has been designed and would be operated to achieve a high standard of environmental performance. Progressive and final rehabilitation is planned in line with best practice and includes a final landform with no retained final void and a return of disturbed lands to agricultural activities and vegetated fauna corridors. The amended Rocky Hill Coal Project would also provide sought-after employment and an economic boost to Gloucester and surrounding areas.

An Environmental Impact Statement and accompanying Specialist Consultant Studies Compendium for the amended Project was placed on public exhibition between 17 August 2017 and 14 October 2017. Following the public exhibition period, the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) provided Gloucester Resources Ltd with 2,519 submissions prepared by government agencies, community groups and individuals. A Response to Submissions document was prepared and submitted to DPE on 16 June 2017.

To view a copy of the Response to Submissions document please visit the Rocky Hill Coal Project - Available Documents page on our website or alternatively the website for the Rocky Hill Coal Project or DPE Major Projects website.

A response to the submissions received regarding the proposed modification to the development consent for the Stratford Coal Mine is also available from the DPE Major Projects website.

The DPE Assessment Report was published on 23 October 2017 and the project referred to the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC). The PAC held a meeting in Gloucester on 14 and 15 October 2017 to hear community views about the Project and subsequently released its notice of refusal of the amended Project on 14 December 2017. A hearing in the NSW Land and Environment Court has been scheduled for August 2018.

The preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement and the Response to Submissions has been a multi-disciplinary process involving technical input from specialist consultancies and also benefited from a broad consultation program involving a range of NSW government agencies, MidCoast Council and the local community. RWC would like to thank all those who contributed to the preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement and Response to Submissions.