Werris Creek Coal Mine - Project Profile

Client: Werris Creek Coal Pty Limited
Industry: Coal Mining
Status: Approved and Operating
Local Government Area: Liverpool Plains, NSW

The Werris Creek Coal Mine was originally approved in February 2005 to produce up to 2.0 million tonnes (Mt) of coal per annum (pa) from an open cut mine approximately 4km south of the town of Werris Creek.  An extension to incorporate the entirety of the coal resource, along with an increase in the maximum annual production of coal to 2.5Mtpa, was approved on 25 October 2010.  This approval has been subsequently modified twice, most recently in November 2015 to modify the lateral and vertical extent of the out-of-pit overburden emplacement, incorporate a dry separation plant and allow for the supply of surplus void water for beneficial agricultural activities on and surrounding the Mine Site to the west over an area designated for soil stockpiles.

All but 50 000tpa of coal is transported from the Mine Site by rail, via a purpose-built rail loop and rail load-out facility, and despatched to the Port of Newcastle for export. The remaining 50 000tpa is available for domestic use.

At current production rates, mining at the Werris Creek Coal Mine will continue until 2021, with rehabilitation and mine closure planned for 2022.