Artlethan Tin Mine - Project Profile

Client: EOE (No.75) Pty Limited
Industry: Metalliferous Mining
Status: Awaiting Determination
Local Government Area: Coolamon

EOE (No.75) Pty Limited proposes extract and reprocess historically deposited tin tailings using modern gravity separation technologies to produce a tin concentrate, whilst rehabilitating and remediating disturbed sections of the Mine Site, located approximately 5km northwest of the village of Ardlethan. The public exhibition of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) until 4.30p.m 10 February 2017.

The Ardlethan Tin Mine Rehabilitation and Tailings Reprocessing Project has been developed with the view to operating in a manner that achieves high standards of environmental performance and  which maintains and enhances the amenity of the local area for residents and visitors alike.

The Ardlethan Tin Mine Rehabilitation and Tailings Reprocessing Project represents a unique opportunity as it would not only generate revenue from the reprocessing of historic mineral processing residues, but would also rehabilitate a site that has undergone considerable disturbance as a result of historic mining activity and which would otherwise pose an ongoing environmental risk and liability for future generations.

For information regarding the public exhibition including access to download copies of the documents and the locations where hard copies of the documents can be viewed, please visit the following website:

Coolamon Shire Council   (

The preparation of the EIS has required multi-disciplinaryspecialist consultant input and as the lead consultancy for the assessment, RWC would like to thank all those who contributed to the preparation of the EIS.