Broken Hill North Mine - Project Profile

Client: Perilya Broken Hill Limited
Industry: Metalliferous Mining
Status: Approved
Local Government Area: Broken Hill

The Broken Hill North Mine received planning approval (SSD-7538) on 22 December 2017. The Mine involves a recommencement of mining operations at the Broken Hill North Mine, located on the Line of Lode, Broken Hill. The Mine is an underground mine that will extract up to 300 000t per year of ore containing lead, zinc and silver. This ore will be supplied to the Perilya Broken Hill Limited’s Southern Operations, where it will be blended with ore from Perilya’s other operations and processed to produce a lead-rich and a zinc-rich concentrate which would be transported via rail to Port Pirie for further processing or shipping to overseas customers. A total of approximately 4.2Mt of ore and 3.0Mt of waste rock is expected be mined over the approved mine life of 16 years.

The Broken Hill North Mine resource is one of the highest grade deposits of its type in the world, has known mineralogy, and is in close proximity to Perilya’s existing infrastructure and mining workforce. As such, it is well-positioned to significantly benefit the Broken Hill community, providing full employment for 140 people and contributing between $33 million and $88 million per year to the local economy. The mine is also projected to contribute approximately $10.7 million to $20.7 million per year to the NSW and National economies.