Ardmore Park Quarry - Project Profile

Client: Multiquip Quarries Pty Ltd
Industry: Quarrying
Status: Approved and Operating
Local Government Area: Goulburn Mulwaree

The “Ardmore Park” Quarry is located approximately 4km south of the village of Bungonia and 25km southeast of Goulburn in the southern tablelands of New South Wales. Project Approval (PA) 07_0155 for the development and operation of a sand and hard rock (basalt) quarry was granted to Multiquip Quarries on 20 September 2009. Two modifications to PA 07_0155 have since been approved.

•          The entrance to the Quarry was modified to utilise the existing “Ardmore Park” property entrance, as opposed to the construction of anew intersection on to Oallen Ford Road, on 8 October 2010.

•          Delivery of up to 20 000t of quarry products via the local road network (other than the principal haulage route) was approved on 11 December 2013.

Commencing in November 2013, the quarry produces sand and basalt aggregates to be used in the production of concrete and asphalt, as well as road base and road construction materials. Transport of quarry products is via local roads which have been upgraded by Multiquip Quarries as a condition of  PA 07_0155.

Application for a third modification to PA 07_0155 has recently been made by Multiquip Quarries. This modification involves a small extension to the extraction area, an increase in annual production, an increase in transport hours of operation, bitumen pre-coating of a small proportion of quarry products, importation of excavated natural materials and inclusion of clay as a saleable product. Determination of this application by the Planning Assessment Commission is expected in the third quarter of 2018.